7-9 June 2024
Beyond All Limits

The Venue

Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience at Östersund Arena in Sweden, where stunning lakes and mountains meet vibrant culture.

Arena FAQ

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The event will be held at Östersund Arena, Arenavägen 27, 831 58 Östersund.

Parking will be on the large gravel area across the street. The parking is large enough to accommodate even the largest of vehicles. So, feel free to arrive in anything from a VW Polo to a two story motorhome!


Arrival and departure to the LAN area (When you are loading and unloading your gear) will be via the arenas rear exit. (https://maps.app.goo.gl/ofHV6dtPBrj5sRZr7)

You are welcome from June 7th at 10:00 a clock. The LAN will end at 19:30 on June 9th (Or when the tournament is finished),  and we expect everyone to be cleared out by 21:00.

To make sure you have time to play on our last day, we will close for new arrivals at 12:00 on June the 9th.

PC, Console, retro or… something different but awesome? Bring whatever you want to play on! The only requirement we have is that it fits on your allocated desk space.


Children below the age of 12 has to be accompanied by parents or legal guardians in order to join Regular Lan Pass.

To buy our Premium LAN Pass you need to be 18 or older.

Arrival and departure from the Expo area will be via the arenas main entrance.

The expo will open on June 7th  at 10:00 and close on June 9th at 16:00. We will close the entrance at 15:00.

We have a dedicated area just outside the arena for camping and we encourage you to bring a tent.

There will be no designated sleeping area within the arena. 

We want everyone to be able to attend our LAN and Expo and have designated areas in our Lan for better accessibility. However, not everyone has the same needs, so to make sure you have the best possible time with us, please contact us via the form so we can discuss on how to adapt in the best way possible for your needs.


The arena is equipped with elevators and other accessibility features from it’s construction, and we will do our best to accommodate for everything at both the Lan and Expo.

Toilets, showers and changing rooms will be available at all open hours.

The arenas restaurant will be open from when we open our doors and will stop at 14 on June 9th but will be serving snacks and drinks until we close. A food store is also available a short walk from the arena.

The arena restaurant will be serving different kinds of fast-food, snacks and of course energy drinks from AR Functional. There is also a bar serving a limited amount of alcohol for our 18+ attendees.

You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol. – Breaking the rules will be the end of your stay.


The arena resturant will do their best to make sure there is food available for everyone.

We are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst to make sure all our attendees are safe.


Detailed instructions for fire, medical or police emergencies will be provided in the welcome package for our LAN attendees as well as briefings on stage.


Medical assistance will always be available during the event as well as security personnel. And of course, our own staff will be available to help solve any situation that may come up.


We will do our best to prevent theft, but we also need your help to make it as difficult as possible. Don’t leave loose and easily snatched items on the desk. If you have Kensington locks, bring them and use them (these will also be sold in our local shop). Make sure you have an insurance that covers theft.


Remember to lock your pc if you leave it unattended (Win+L on Windows, Control+Command+Q on Mac).

We have a SubZero tolerance towards the use of illegal substances and use of them will be the end of your stay with us. If you see anyone using, please contact anyone in our staff.

We are prioritizing wired network and will not provide Wi-Fi this year.

Downloading and sharing illegal content on our network will result in you going home or legal actions.

We are not trying to beat any network records on this LAN, so for yours and everyone else’s best possible experience, try to keep your games updated and patched before arriving.

We are building our electrical infrastructure to be able to deliver 800 Watts of power for each all our players, if you know that you’ll be using more than this, please contact us via the form. All electrical outlets will be protected by both fuses and GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

In case of a power or network outage, please contact our staff.

Digging around in our network or electrical infrastructure is strictly forbidden.

Breaking our rules might result in legal actions.

The event will be photographed and recorded both by us for livestreaming and future marketing material and by many of our attendees. Therefore you will be accepting that you might show up on video or photos if you attend our Lan or Expo.